Academic Programs

Dental Assisting Program

This program prepares students for entry-level positions as a chairside assistant in a dental office. Students will learn proper chairside assisting by practicing the skills necessary to properly pass instruments, mix filling and impression materials, take and develop dental x-rays, sterilize instruments, and maintain a sterile environment. Dental terminology, dental anatomy and appropriate norms of behavior in working with the public will be emphasized.
Program involves 14 weeks of “hands-on” training where students have an opportunity of practicing the various routine of chairside assisting. At the completion of the twelve-week portion of the training, the students must successfully complete a 40-hour externship in a local dental office.
Graduates of the program receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion of their program of study. An overall average of 70 is required for graduation.
The school offers flexible class hours to accommodate students’ schedules. American Dental Academy’s Dental Assisting Program is a 14-weeks program which includes a 40-hour externship in a dental office, a 32-hour Dental Radiation Safety course, and a 3-hour CPR Certification course and 72 hour classroom course of lectures/lab for a total of 147 clock hours. At the completion of the 147 clock hours, which is equivalent to credit hours, of the training, students will receive a Certificate in Dental Assisting, a Dental X-ray license approved by Dental Board of California and a CPR license approved by American Heart Association.

Dental Administration Assisting Program

This course is designed to give students knowledge and skills as a front line employeesin dental office to ensure the best possible client/customer experience. Students will learnproper patient greeting procedures, telephone etiquette and communication techniquesin dental field. It prepares students to be familiar with the basic computer terminologyand functions as well as it exposes students to a range of dental insurance plans andequip them the ability to understand the types of plans, benefits , coverage and optionsavailable. This course also prepares students to be familiar with the types of dentalservices performed and their respective dental coding system in order to complete dentalclaim forms for billing. Upon completion of twelve weeks of training, students willreceive a certificate for Dental Administration Assisting.

Dental Laboratory Technician Program

Dental Laboratory Technician offers students to learn and practice dental anatomy,physiology and morphology on fundamental applied technique for crown and bridgeconstruction as well as the major pattern eccentric tooth contracts, techniques and skillsused to create wax patterns. This also gives students opportunity to learn and practicemaking dental models, prosthesis, create wax designs and ceramic alloy framework.Learn CAD/CAM Technique. Taught in a highly individualized laboratory environment.Students have the flexibility to complete projects at their own pace and master theskills necessary to become an entry level laboratory technicians and will have futureopportunity to become Certified Dental Technician with further education and workexperience. Upon completion of the twelve weeks of training, students will receive acertificate for Dental Laboratory Technician.

Dental Radiation Safety Certification

This Complete Radiation Safety course is required by California Law to operate dental radiography if Dental Assistant has complied with the requirements of Section 1656. This offers students to learn all of the oral and dental radiology related to Dental Anatomy, Dental Radiology, physics of radiation/biology, radiation protection and safety, Dental x-ray unit, films, techniques, also radiography procedures, examination and exposure, radiographic critiques, mounting, as well as infection control. This course includes three parts which are theory, laboratory, and clinical. This course will also include introduction to digital radiography. Graduates receive a Certificate authorizing them to take radiograph in the field of dentistry.

Coronal Polishing Cerification

This completed Dental Approved Coronal Polishing course offers students to learn how to perform coronal polish after a licensed Dentist or Registered Dental Hygienist has determine that the teeth are free of calculus or other extraneous materials prior to performing coronal polishing. This courses prepares students to differentiate different types of materials, stains and techniques to used in removing plaque and extrinsic stains from the crown of the teeth. This course include theory and clinical application. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a certificate which is necessary requirement for RDA licensure or if you are RDA, you may perform this procedure.